Rhineview apartment in Bacharach

Holiday with Rhine Panorama       German    version

The Middle Rhine valley offers various attractions for our guests. Suggestions for day trips describe the characteristics of the countryside.
These include not only the landscape, the castles and churches of the world cultural heritage, but also water parks, a deer park and a zoo, falconry, and adventure play areas for families and targets for our guests interested in music and art and history.



1st. day: Rhine-Romance from Bacharach to St. Goar

The tourist offices in Bacharach, Oberwesel and St. Goar provide information about guided tours and events. In all three towns  a walk on your own is rewarding.
In the Posthof in Bacharach and in the Kulturhaus of Oberwesel you will find exhibitions related to regional culture.
The  church of St. Peter the Werner chappel in Bacharach, the church of our lady in Oberwesel  and the  collegiate church in St. Goar were built in the middle ages.
In Bacharach and in Oberwesel you can walk along the old city wall.
The castles Stahleck (nowadays a youth hostel) in Bacharach und Rheinfels in St. Goar with Rheinpfalzpfad are worth a visit. Especially children and elderly people like a drive with  a road train "Burgexpress" from the market place up to the castle Rheinfels. Lots of information about the local history (especially 19th century) and commerce is provided by the Kulturhaus in Oberwesel.

2nd. day: Boat trip to Boppard

Boats of the Köln-Düsseldorfer and the Bingen-Rüdesheimer shipping agencies go there by schedule. On Fridays and Mondays there  are special prices for senior citizens. In Boppard: Remnants from the Romans, St. Severus, chairlift to the Vierseenblick, Rhine Promenade with several good restaurants.

3rd. day: Around the Loreley

Freestate "bottleneck", St. Goarshausen, Mouse castle, Patersberg: viewing point to three castles, viewing plattform Loreley, country inn Blücher in Dörrscheid (dishes from local deer, own vineyard).

4th. day: Hiking the Rheinsteig from Lorch to Kaub

Ferryboat from Niederheimbach, ascent to remnant Nollig, approx. 5 hours walk, passing the Clemens chappel on the Rheinsteig trail. In Kaub: Pfalzgrafenstein and Blücher museum. Back with the train to Lorch.

5th. day: Kiedrich, Eltville, Rüdesheim

Rose garten in Eltville, St. Valentin church in Kiedrich, Abbey St. Hildegard in Eibing(noon service 12.00 - 12.15 hrs), lunch at Johannisberg abbey, Brentanohaus in Winkel, Ship crane in Oestrich, museum for music boxes, Drosselgasse und Brömserburg in Rüdesheim, chair lift to the Niederwalddenkmal.

6th. day: bike tour

Bike hire in Bacharach. On Tuesdays there are special rates for cyclists on the ships of the Köln-Düsseldorfer shipping agency. By ship to Boppard. Ascent by train to Emmelshausen (steepest adhesion train in Germany). Cycling trail Schinderhannesradweg 42km to Simmern. It is 25km back to Bacharach. During summertime there are special busses for cyclists to Rheinböllen and Bingen.

7th. Tag: To Bingen

Castle Klopp,parcs and gardens from 2008 Horticultural show , Museum am Strom - Hildegard von Bingen, Rochus chappel, Nabu ecologic centre Floodplains, castle Rheinstein near Trechtingshausen.


1st. topic: Rhine views

Dreiseenblick Neurath, Siebenjungfrauenblick Oberwesel, Loreleyblick Urbar, Rheinpfalzblick off the road between Oberwesel and Dellhofen, Vierseenblick near Boppard

Dreiburgenblick Patersberg, Loreley platform

2nd. topic: castles

The only undestroyed castle on the Rhine: Marksburg over Braubach.

Castle Sooneck near Niederheimbach, Rheinstein near Trechtingshausen, Rheinfels in St. Goar, castle Maus near St. Goarshausen.

3rd. topic: Fun for kids

Zoos: Wildpark and Falconry Rheinböllen, butterfly park  Bendorf

Playgrounds and -houses: jungle village in Simmern (Children indoor playhouse)
KIDSIN in Buchholz (Children indoor playhouse), natural playground in Wiebelsheim
Playground at the 2008 state garden fair in Bingen

Swimming in leisure pool Rheinböllen,  Nature Pool, Bingen, Regionalbad Bingen-Ingelheim, Outdoor pool in St. Goar-Werlau, leisure pool und Naturfreibad in Simmern.

4. topic: Culinary highlights

Landgasthof Blücher in Dörrscheid, Stübers Rheinhotel in Bacharach, Zum Kronprinzen in Oberwesel-Dellhofen, Hotel Landsknecht St. Goar, Hotel Rheinfels.
Lafers Stromburg for the slightly thicker wallet..
Some special restaurants have formed the Tafelrunde , others the Freistaat Flaschenhals.
Winemakers and restaurateurs from the Middle Rhine offer events (readings, concerts) with coordinated menus under the theme Mittelrhein Momente.

5. topic: Music and art in the Rhine valley

Mittelrhein-Museum and Ludwigmuseum in Koblenz, Skulpturenpark in Oberwesel,
Kunstverein Mittelrhein, Arbeitsgemeinschaft bildender Künstler am Mittelrhein,
Galerie Rheingold in Oberdiebach, Kunst im Haags Turm in Oberwesel.

In summer, the Liebfrauenkirche in Oberwesel invites Sundays at 11.30 a to Orgelmatinee. Also in St. Severus, Boppard there are regular organ concerts. There are concerts of  villa musica in castles and churches of the area. Also Kultursommer Rheinland-Pfalz offers concerts, theater performances and exhibitions in the Middle Rhine Valley.

6. topic: Old churches in the middle Rhine valley

St. Severus in Boppard, Stiftskirche St. Goar, Liebfrauen und Wernerkapelle in Oberwesel, St. Peter und Wernerkapelle in Bacharach, St. Anna church in Bacharach-Steeg.

7. topic: History

Celts in the Bingerwald, Romans in Boppard, Arrata, cult of Werner, St. Hildegard of  Bingen (Disibodenberg, Rupertsberg, Eibingen).

8. topic: Sport

Hiking on the Rhein-Burgen-Wanderweg (rhine castles trail) on the left bench or on the right side of the Rhine on the Rhine Steig: From Wiesbaden to Bonn.
A Tip: walk through the Morgenbachtal from Trechtingshausen.

Cycling along the river or on Schinderhannes-cycling trail. At the last Sunday in June: the whole rhine valley (B9 und B42 ) is barred for motor vehicles.

Swimming in the leisure pool Rheinböllen,  Nature Pool, Bingen, Regionalbad Bingen-Ingelheim, Outdoor pool in St. Goar-Werlau, leisure pool und Naturfreibad in Simmern.

Golfing at the Jakobsberg

9. topic: Festivities and celebrations

Wine festivals, annual festivals, medieval spectacle Pentecost in Oberwesel, Rhine in Flames, culinary night end of August in Bacharach.

The tourist offices in Bacharach, Oberwesel and St. Goar inform about actual events.